Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm doing the best I can

As parents we make many decisions, and through them all we echo the sentiments of one of my dear ancestors, Elizabeth Terry Heward, that hopefully our children will be alright inspite of our fumblings as parents for "(we) thought (we) were doing the best (we) could." 

Here is a journal entry from Elizabeth:

My little Mary grew smart and intelligent and had great wisdom for a child her age, Which was according to her blessing. The weather was very cold and stormy and I had neglected to get her any shoes. Indeed ... I thought I was not able to pay for them, so she was exposed to the cold.

On December 7, 1852, she was taken sick with the scarlet fever and on the night of December 13, she died. The stroke seemed more than I could bear.  She was two years, nine months and eight days old. She had a weak constitution and needed a great deal of care, and my health being poor and having two children younger than her, I couldnot give her the attention she needed.

But she is gone, and I humbly pray that she may not lose anything by this change, for I thought I was doing the best I could.

Parenting is trial and error, and definitely a time to keep breathing.

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