Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Job

Wow.  So I guess it's that time in life where I get to strike out and make a new beginning as I venture back into the work force after a 14+ year absense.
I have been looking at beginning this journey for a while now, and honestly struggled with which direction I wanted to go.  I have a degree in Elementary Ed, so I could reinstate my certification (which I am in the process of doing) and go back to teaching.  BUT I also love designing flowers, so that could be a new avenue to pursue.  What to do....

Well, I browsed the internet last week looking for floral design jobs in the area and couldn't find anything. (surprise, surprise).  Then on Tuesday, I decided to look and see what other jobs might be listed.  I looked on Craigslist and there it was - an advertisement for a floral designer at a local florist.  I emailed my application Tuesday afternoon, got a call Wednesday morning for an interview, interviewed Wednesday afternoon and got the job.  I start next Tuesday.

Excited, Flattered, Terrified, Anxious, Excited!

So when I told Logan about my new job he was kind of sad.  I asked if it was because he wanted me to be a teacher.  He said, "No.  I was thinking you could be a celebrity.  Then you could be famous and make our family rich again cuz we're kind of almost close to being poor you know...."  Silly boy!

Hahahaha!  So then he went to the bathroom and came back and said,  "Oh mom!  In the bathroom I was also thinking you could be an astronaut... but then I thought that wouldn't be good because in space you would probably run out of air and then you'd die."

What a great kid!! - and what a great adventure I am beginning!  Now I just need to keep breathing.

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