Friday, January 7, 2011

Logan Quotes

Sometimes I think I should dedicate an entire blog to Logan and his amazing insights.  We are so blessed to have him in our family.  He keeps us smiling.  Here are two of his latest adventures:

For years I have wanted to have a missionary map in my kitchen.  A friend of mine gave me a map a while back and this last week I got it put up in the kitchen.  The kids love it and have begun discussing all the fun countries they would like to visit. 

Logan has even brought some of his friends over and shown them the map.  Yesterday Logan and his best friend were looking at the map and discussing their future missions:
(Logan) I’m going all the way over to Spain on my mission! 
(Zach) Well I’m going all the way over to SPACE for my mission.  I’m going to teach the Aliens about Jesus.
Another fun moment with Logan today came when he went to get his back pack to leave for school.  He was confused and sad to find his backpack soaking wet.  I quizzed him on if he had dropped it in a puddle on the way home or if it was in the bathroom, but he said it was dry when he came home and he hung it up in the hallway.  So I opened his pack to unload his papers and make sure his folder was still usuable.  After I emptied the main pocket, the back pack was still heavy

... mystery solved when we discovered the HUGE chunk of ice he picked up on his way home yesterday was still in the "secret" pocket of his backpack, melting all night long.  It's definitely time to keep smiling and just keep breathing.

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